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Skynet Moon measurements presented at the Lunar Calibration Workshop

Monica Campanelli presented the Skynet Network at the Fourth Joint GSICS/IVOS Lunar Calibration Workshop in Darmstadt, Germany (4-8 December 2023) with a very appreciated oral talk.

Skynet is a network of PREDE POM photometers located in more than 100 sites worldwide; usually these instruments work observing the interaction of solar light with the atmosphere, but recently some of them have been updated to employs lunar light for their measurements. BAQUNIN hosts a Lunar POM at APL and at CNR-ISAC.

In the presentation Monica introduced the Skynet Network focusing on the Lunar POMs, their technology and retrieval methods, and a comparison between Skynet-POMs and AERONET-CIMELs measurements in periods when they were co-located at APL during QUATRAM campaign, showing very interesting preliminary results.

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