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2nd International Campaign for studying quality and traceability of atmospheric aerosol measurements

Measurement traceability and data quality are essential requirements by the WMO for monitoring atmospheric aerosol optical properties by International radiometer networks.

ISAC is organizing the 2nd International Campaigns QUATRAM (QUAlity and TRaceability of Atmospheric aerosol Measurements), the 1st being already held in October 2017. QUATRAM is aimed to: 1) intercalibration among WMO standard instruments (as defined by CIMO and radiometers also from several international networks; 2) intercomparison of atmospheric aerosol properties measured by equipment of different manufactories.

The Campaign is hosted by the BAQUNIN super site at the Physic Department of the University of Rome Sapienza in the center of Rome, and it is in collaboration with the Physikalisch- Meteorologisches Observatorium of Davos, of the World Radiation Center (PMOD/WRC)

Several National and International Institutions are involved:

ISAC-CNR, leading the program (M. Campanelli), Sapienza University of Rome, hosting the Campaign, SERCO,ESRIN, PMOD/WRC, Italian Air Force, University of Valencia , ARPA Valle d’Aosta, ENEA.

For more information

Monica Campanelli: 06 49934344;

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