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Pigeon-borne bio loggers for air quality monitoring (SBAM): a pigeon release

Release of a homing pigeon for the continuous high-temporal resolution monitoring of CO2, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity in the Rome area.

The miniaturized sensors, equipped with GPS, are developed in collaboration with Sapienza University of Rome, Ornis italica and TechnoSmart Europe.

Homing pigeons are released close to the urban site of BAQUNIN. On their homing routes, birds fly just above buildings, urban parks, heavily trafficked roads, and agricultural areas mostly within 50 meters of height above ground, accurately characterizing the planetary boundary layer.

Figures show a pigeon equipped with the sensor, ready to be released, and the CO2 concentrations (ppm) measured by the miniaturized sensor during the homing route of a pigeon. Levels are lower (light blue) on agricultural and rural areas and higher (dark blue) on highly urbanized zones and high-traffic roads.



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