A new instrument for BAQUNIN suite: RAP

Starting from January, a new instrument has joined the BAQUNIN instrumental suite, the Raymetrics’ Aerosol Profiler (RAP) developed elastic backscatter mini-LiDAR. The system is suitable for the detection of clouds, tropospheric aerosol layers (i.e desert dust, biomass burning plumes), and for the study of PBL daily evolution.  It delivers atmospheric backscatter aerosol profiles in the NIR with high raw spatial and temporal resolution 3.75 m and <20 sec, respectively. The effective range extends from full overlap (<200 m) up to 15 km. The instrument is in operation every day, continuously during the daytime hours. The plots of the logarithm of the Range Corrected Signal are on the Live monitoring page of the BAQUNIN website the day after the acquisition.

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